Group ministry

Our goal is to help people connect deeper in relationship with God,

each other and the community around us.

We believe groups create a great opportunity to develop these deeper connections. Groups also help our people stay engaged and aligned with the overall direction of the church. Our groups ministry is designed around the inescapable teaching and examples found in the New Testament and is committed to helping people pursue three values: Engaging in healthy relationships, Experiencing mutual care and Pursuing spiritual growth.

Group life is more than just something to do, it's something to be a part of.

Life Groups

Because people are different and so are their needs, we offer a variety of different Life Groups based on life-stage, location, and gender. People commit to a life group for one year and meet together three times a month.

Additionally each group is encouraged to gather for the purposes of social interaction and service which both creates great opportunities for deepening relationships.

Life Groups meet on various days and times throughout the week. contact the church office for a current schedule.

Small Gatherings

In the environment of small gatherings we give people the opportunity to experience spending time with God and each other through seminars, social events and service opportunities. The following are a few examples of various gather small venues

If you are interested in participating in these experiences

or any other of our opportunities that occur throughout the year, please contact the church office.